director’s note

Every time I walk into the studio and see this group of women in front of me, willing and able to soak up ideas and put thoughts, moods, and sometimes crazy dreams into their bodies and convey it all with movement, I find myself feeling very unbelievably lucky to have the honor of working with each and every one of them.  The dancers make up this company.  Their loveliness is plain in their dancing.  Each woman so different, yet all sharing one love for dance.  I have continually questioned the chances of coming into such a special group of people.  It is truly, a rare and special thing.  The talent is there.  The work-ethic is unfaltering. The dedication is unprecedented. The personalities are shining.  I have never been so proud to be part of a group.  In part, because of the struggles we share to overcome the pressure to be the best dancers we can be.  We are responsible for our own resilience and take it seriously.  And in this way of life, everyone has grown tremendously as performers.  

Thank you Billings for all of  your support.  We are grateful for the opportunity to bring the art of dance into this community.

Ricki Feeley