in the studio

A Hard Day’s Night…

It’s grueling and the heat of summer has been with us for every moment of our rehearsal schedule.  Our rehearsals run 3+ hours, three nights a week, when preparing for a show.  We all have full time jobs, careers, family, and social lives to keep in check along with memorizing choreography and learning new movement every week.  Not to mention cultivating our cardiovascular strength to jam out all these pieces for you lovely souls on stage with out passing out.

Honestly, we love it.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our hearts are committed to this work and our passion is in sharing a style of unique choreography to a community we live and play in.

Our current schedule may have us busy, but we do have time to play and laugh as well.  We’ll be sharing some fun candid shots of rehearsal here, so stay tuned!