Photograhy by Allison McLean

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Allison took the Terpsichore girls out to Riverfront park early this spring for a photo shoot.  Many of the photos strike a strong contrast between the bright colors of the clothing and the monotone leafless trees.   The angles and lines of the dancers draw the eye to focus on the motion of the shot and Allison captured the spirit and playfulness of Terpsichore perfectly.


Photography by Maribel Schaff

Last season Maribel scouted out several locations for a Terpsichore photoshoot and captured some strong and powerful images.  Some of the shots took place indoors at a local furniture store and then at an old abandoned cattle barn.  Focusing on particular emotional focal points and taking advantage of the natural sun light the images are often luminous and dramatic.


Photography by Casey Riffe Page

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It’s always a big day when the Terpsichore girls get to visit Casey Riffe Page at the Billings Gazette.  Usually that means it’s close to show time and the photos feature the season’s costumes and a hint of what the choreography will be.  Her photos are great inspiration to us, she captures such beautiful moments and isn’t afraid to climb on a ladder, put some of us in a service elevator, or come up with some unique camera angles to explore the options.


Additional Contributors
Bryce Turcotte, Michele Feeley, Jill Riley, Travis Hunt

Over the past several years, we’ve had family and friends who contribute photography to Terpsichore.  Some are professional photographers and others are talented at keeping it a hobby, despite their amazing abilities.  Most often these photos are taken during rehearsal, but some are scheduled photo shoots.