get involved

We hope you’ll share our work with your friends, think of us, and check in once and awhile on our Facebook page.  Terpsichore’s foundation has been carved out in the studio with our feet hitting the floor since 2010.  What makes it all worth it is the family, friends, and fans that continue to encourage us.

We love it when the curtain pulls back to an audience filled with individuals that appreciate our artform.  If you feel compelled to go above and beyond attending a show, by all means please let us know.   No need to wear tutus or pointe shoes, you don’t even need to know how to dance.  Preparing for a show, and running a year round company, requires lots of support.  We rally husbands, brothers, and friends to help with the heavy lifting for show props and equipment, and rely on the gracious collaboration of those in our community who wish to combine our artwork with theirs.  We’re committed to to our growth as a company and we hope you feel the same.  In the end, it’s all apart of our community.

So contact us if you would like to get involved and hang some posters, help set up the stage, or maybe attend a workshop.